Case Study Q&A - Volume 1: Fat Loss

taught by Team 3DMJ


Our Case Study Q&A Volumes are designed to bridge the gap between general 3DMJ content and coaching.

In the fat loss volume, the coaches answer a variety of common questions related to the process of dieting, and also a variety of more nuanced questions related to fat loss.

In many Q&A series you’ll see, the answer is often: “it depends”.

However, in these Case Study Q&A Volumes we strive to give detailed answers that cover the full depth of each question.

Specifically, we will tell you what “it” actually depends on.

Thus, we answer each question in a comprehensive way, covering a variety of situations, with information for many different types of individuals, which greatly enhances the likelihood you’ll get actionable information from our answers.

Team 3DMJ
Team 3DMJ
Jeff Alberts, Eric Helms, Brad Loomis, Alberto Nunez, Andrea Valdez

Course Curriculum

#2 - Calculating Maintenance Calories and Maintaining Balance Post Show
#7 - Creating the Nutritional Deficit Via Decreasing Food -vs- Increasing Cardio