Post Contest Recovery Seminar

taught by Team 3DMJ


Getting lean is the easy part. 

Let us help you become normal again.

Team 3DMJ’s Post Contest Recover Seminar is the first bodybuilding product of it’s kind. 

While you can readily find plethoras of clear-cut information about how to get lean and stage ready, the reality of what happens after the diet is often misinterpreted and under appreciated.

To help our athletes and followers fill this gap between the prep and off-season, we released a system called “The Recovery Diet” to address the immediate 4 to 6 weeks after your last competition of the season.

But oftentimes, the Recovery Diet in itself is not enough. Most people don’t just snap back into their normal lives so quickly.

These videos don’t just address the tactical calls to make when an athlete is feeling off, but also the psychological trauma of weight gain and the identity crises that can hit a lot of bodybuilders as they lose their shredded appearance over time.

Transitioning into a productive and healthy off-season mode is the best thing a career-minded physique athlete can do for themselves. 

This product was created to get you there as soon as possible.

This course will be valuable for:

  • Physique athletes in all divisions

  • Coaches of all bodybuilding divisions and weight class restricted sports

  • Anyone else who is tired of spinning their muscle gaining wheels due to chronic dieting, body image issues, or ongoing food-focused behavior.  

With all five coaches together in one room fielding these questions in a panel styled discussion, we’re confident this collection of Q&A videos is the most comprehensive examination of this topic on the market.

Team 3DMJ
Team 3DMJ
Jeff Alberts, Eric Helms, Brad Loomis, Alberto Nunez, Andrea Valdez

Course Curriculum

2 - Is An Aggressive Surplus Needed For Continued Progress?