Gaining Strength While Cutting

taught by Brad Loomis


Many critics think it’s impossible to gain strength while simultaneously decreasing bodyweight.

It may not be common, but it is definitely feasible when handled appropriately in an intelligent manner. 

This video course is based on the 3-year journey of Brad Loomis as he lost 5 lbs of bodyweight while adding 100 lbs to his powerlifting total, increasing his Wilks Score from a 385 to 409.

The transition becomes even more impressive when you consider that he is an experienced lifter with almost two decades of training under his belt at the start of this process.

In this course, you will learn exactly how Brad made this drastic change for himself.

The great deal of personal data, detailed explanations, and follow-up Q&A sessions make this an especially valuable learning experience for athletes and coaches alike.  

Brad Loomis
Brad Loomis