Team 3DMJ

Post Contest Recovery Seminar

Transitioning into a productive and healthy off-season mode is the best thing a career-minded physique athlete can do for themselves. This product was created to get you there as soon as possible.

Jeff Alberts

The Godfather's Complete Guide to Posing

Everything a bodybuilder needs to display their hard work and get the competitive edge on stage. Instructional videos & 12-week posing practice schedule.

Team 3DMJ

Case Study Q&A Volume 1: Fat Loss

In-depth answers to the fat loss questions you thought to ask, and the important questions you didn’t know existed.

Team 3DMJ

Case Study Q&A Volume 2: Hypertrophy

In-depth answers to the hypertrophy questions you though to ask, and the important questions you didn't know existed.

Brad Loomis

Gaining Strength While Cutting

Brad Loomis provides data, detail, & follow-up Q&A sessions on how he was able to lose body fat while adding 100 lbs to his powerlifting total.

Team 3DMJ

Contest Prep Virtual Seminar

All five Team 3DMJ coaches weigh-in to answer your specific contest prep questions in a collection of panel discussion videos.