The Recovery Diet

taught by Team 3DMJ


Since the dawn of competition, physique athletes have struggled with the transition between contest prep and the offseason.

Months of hard dieting culminate in a stage experience that often only lasts minutes. Then, the void is filled with binge eating, weight regain, and guilt.

An offseason that was supposed to be fun, full of personal records, new gains and anticipation for the next season is plagued by yo-yo dieting and stress. Previous attempts to solve this problem were unrealistic, not respecting the psychology or the physiology at the core of these issues. Unsurprisingly, these overly strict approaches were said to be harder to complete than the diets that preceded them.

Enter The Recovery Diet: an approach that acknowledges the realities of contest preparation dieting, both psychological and physiological, that you can actually adhere to after a grueling season. Progress can only come once you are recovered, it’s time to try an approach that acknowledges that reality.

This free course is an organized version of the already-published YouTube video that 3DMJ Created in 2015.

That 27-minute video has been divided into 5 easy-to-digest sections, and you also have access to a previously unpublished 9 page written summary of "The Recovery Diet", including tables and references.

When you enroll in the free trial, that PDF document will be available for you to download on any device.

Team 3DMJ
Team 3DMJ
Jeff Alberts, Eric Helms, Brad Loomis, Alberto Nunez, Andrea Valdez