The Godfather's Complete Guide to Posing

taught by Jeff Alberts


Your instructor, Jeff Alberts’ has competed as a natural bodybuilder since 1993 and has professional status in two organizations and numerous professional and amateur titles under his belt.

More importantly, he has successfully coached hundreds of competitors, from first timers, to professionals competing in world championship events. Known for his teaching skills and keen eye for detail, Jeff is one of the most sought after posing coaches in the sport. In this guide, Jeff breaks down all of the bodybuilding mandatory poses, step by step, in a logical, easy to understand manner.


- Over 20 instructional videos with detailed summaries and notes

- A downloadable 12-week posing practice schedule 

- Still photo diagrams and visual aids for each specific body part

- Tutorials for 15 mandatory poses, including alternative hand/leg/head placements


- Male and female bodybuilders

- Male classic physique competitors

- Coaches of these divisions

- Anyone who has already competed but needs to enhance their stage presence

- Anyone who has already competed but needs a set practice schedule

- Anyone considering competition in the next few years who would like a glimpse of what to expect

Watch the video above for more information or keep scrolling down for the full table of contents. 

Jeff Alberts
Jeff Alberts

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