This course is full of hard truths that aren't always fun to address, but hold the keys to long term success.

Lifters will ignore the fact that they don’t understand how programs really fit into an athletic career until something goes wrong.

Maybe it’s something small to start — like they keep missing training sessions and potential gains.

Or something bigger, like botching a competition season, over-training, enduring setbacks from injuries, or ruining personal relationships. 

(All of which can chronically hinder progress.)

Whatever the set-back may be, the first 5 to 10 years of lifters’ careers can often be spent trying to learn these lessons the hard way.

We’ve created “Personalizing Your Program” so you can stop wasting time, and start making gains.

This course was made by our Chief Science Officer, Eric Helms, and it’s the entire foundation of how to assess, create, and manage training programs for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and serious lifters of all types.

Eric will spend the first few chapters teaching you about the 3 pillars of training adherence and how not considering any one of them will lead to decreased performance or results.

And the last half of the course will give insights and advice on how to manage your program through life stressors, while participating in other types of non-lifting activity, what to do when you miss a workout as an off-season athlete, how to handle missed workouts as a competitor with a deadline, and how to conceptualize goal management and injuries. 

This material is the backbone of every training career, and it’s what we wish athletes knew before ever lifting their first weight.

“Personalizing Your Program” is one of 25+ courses included in our Vault VIP Membership


    1. About This Course

    1. The 3 Pillars

    2. Chasing Optimal

    1. Assessing Your Time Frame

    2. Assessing Your Schedule

    1. Why Enjoyment Matters

    2. A Goal Study

    1. Why Flexibility Matters

    2. Stress & Training

    1. Putting It Into Practice

What's Inside?

  • 16 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • 10 instructional chapters
  • 1 PDF download


“Personalizing Your Program” is one of 25+ courses included in our Vault VIP Membership