Want to set up your nutrition plan? 

Start with the Calculating Your Calories course.

Want to learn proper form and build a program?

Start with The Lifting Library.

Those are just 2 of the 19 courses that are currently included with your Vault VIP Membership.

And when we make new ones every couple months, you'll get all of those too -- at no extra cost.

Your membership includes 100+ videos broken into short and methodical chapters, with written content and file downloads where appropriate to further enhance your learning.

The Vault VIP Membership will save you from the constant indecision, wasted time and ongoing confusion that unstructured education can create.



  • "How often will I get new content?"

    We release new content every two or three months. Sometimes that’s an entire new course, sometimes it’s a major course update with additional learning chapters. Every time we add content you will get an email letting you know it’s available to you as a VIP member.

  • "Will the price ever go up?"

    YES and NO…Every so often, the price will increase as updates are made and more content is added. But those occasional increases ONLY apply to new memberships. Once you initiate your VIP subscription, you're locked in at that price for as long as you maintain your membership. So the sooner you become a member, the lower your monthly or annual payments will be.

  • "When will my payments be made?"

    Your first monthly payment will be charged on the day you sign up. The second payment will be on the same date of every month after that. (Example: If you sign up on February 15th, your first payment is February 15th and your second is on March 15th, third on April 15th, etc.) -- It's the same principle for the annual membership option, just one year between payments.

  • "How do I cancel my membership?"

    You can cancel your subscription or update your billing info at any time. Just select "My Account" from the dropdown menu at the top right of your student dashboard, and then select the "Billing" tab. -- One you cancel, your VIP membership access will be revoked when the next renewal or billing date occurs and no payment is made. For example, if you end your subscription on Sept 1 and the next billing date is Sept 30, you will have access for 30 days and then lose access on Sept 30.

  • "Can I buy a single, individual course?"

    No. We do not offer individual course purchases. Subscribing to a full Vault VIP Membership is the only way to access our courses.

  • "What if I already own a course in the 3DMJ Vault?"

    If you have ever purchased an individual course in The Vault (before March 2022), you will always have lifetime access to that course and any updates that course will ever include. If you purchase access to the Vault VIP Membership, you will get immediate access to all other courses as well. If you ever cancel your VIP membership, you will still maintain lifetime access to courses you owned before your membership started. However, you would lose access to all of the other courses.